GS Ball

The GS ball had only taken shine in the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal. Players of this JAP version attained this item from a Pokemon event, and were able to summon a lvl 30 Celebi. After bringing the GS Ball to Kurt, letting him examine it for day, the player would bring it to the Ilex forest, which would then spark the event. 

In the anime series the GS ball was dawned onto Ash, which was originally supposed to spark the arc of Celebi and Lugia. However as episodes came out, the writers drew less and less attention to the unique and iconic ball. Later the anime totally disregarded the existence of the GS ball and thus spawned one of the greatest mysteries of the animated series of Pokemon (sits up there with the gigantic Dragonite at the lighthouse, and the fact you see Ho-oh, a gen 2 legendary, in the first few episodes of the anime.)

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