Keyblade Badge

Kingdom Hearts, the elusive series that is taking the patience of its fans and pushing it to the limits. It’s been more than a decade and only now are we seeing the gameplay of KH3, the long awaited 3rd instalment for Hearts fans.

Since the first game, I’ve been in awe. My jaw dropping as my favourite fictional universes collide (Howie Day.) Squaresoft/Square Enix and Disney have meshed so well, with the guidance of a JRPG background - KH was a series that will never leave my heart (heartless.)

The Keyblade is not only a weapon, but a multi-tool used only by the chosen wielders. The Keyblade we are releasing is the one wielded by our unlikely hero, Sora, dawning the iconic yellow hilt and silver teeth. There are countless iterations of the Keyblade for each world Sora and his team visit, inspired by their unique themes.

The Keyblade badge will release on Friday January, 26th 2018 7pm to 2am at the Anbu Ink Pop Up Event (941 Bloor Street) and online January 28th 2018 10am est at

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