Dual Wield

We were first introduced to Sword Art Online by one of our older brothers, Mike, and since then Rodney has been hooked. It took a while for the second season to arrive, and although it may not have topped the first it was worth the wait. We fell in love with each character all over again and we hope to see a return for this series.

This Friday 12/02/16 at 12am EST (midnight) we will be taking preorders for two pins inspired by SAO (Sword Art Online) here at rodneyshop.com

The Elucidator $10 CAD

Dark Repulser $10 CAD

Dual Wield Pack $17 CAD

We found it kind of weird that the darker sword of the two was not called the Dark Repulser, but whatever, Kirito is a gee and no one can say otherwise.

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