Gohan's 4 Star Dragonball Pin

In memory of the late Grandpa Gohan, the 4 Star Dragonball was dawned onto Goku's son, Gohan, who was named in memorial of the adoptive father of Goku. (At least thats what wiki said LOL) Collect the other 6 Dragonballs and make a wish *sprinkles dust at you*

We fixed our shipping from the last drop - so there is a shipping cost - however if you're reading this, use this promo code for a discount on your order (to help with shipping)

The Gohan Dragonball preorders start Friday 11/11/16 at 12am EST (midnight) We made an extremely limited quantity in these, so don't sleep or Babadi will steal them from right under your noses.

You know after each episode there is the preview - "On the next episode of Dragonball Z" Well this is that kind of thing, and if you've made it this far i'd like to offer you a prize. Use "GOGETA" in the notes of your order for a free pin added to your preorder. Thank you for supporting, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you!

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