Cactuar Pin

Final Fantasy was a huge part of our upbringing, however funny enough we didn't play a majority of the popular titles. We instead watched our cousins do full playthroughs (before youtube) sitting at their place every weekend as they grinded through countless hours of battle screens and bosses. We once witnessed the legendary battle with Cactuar and since then have been hooked.

Cactuar pins will be available for pre-order on Wednesday 10-26-16 at midnight 12am EST for $10.00 CAD

Cactuar has made its appearance in Final Fantasy games time and time again. Usually dawning a load of loot and gil (currency in FF games) Cactuar was however no pushover. He possessed an attack called 1000 needles which did 1000 damage and ignored your party's defences. Of course with the right technique and strategy you could defeat them, but then could you face the test and fight the Gigantuar.

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