Scarborough Culture Dept by Just Maired

We sat down with mates over the pond via FaceTime and hashed out a piece that means the world to all of us. The Scarborough Culture Dept. T-Shirt was conceived after a business trip led @justmaired to Toronto. During a session of shopping vintage, the team found a city issued Scarborough uniform t-shirt. 

The owner and operators of Just Maired, Maianh Dang & Jared Martin, approached us about reproducing the Scarborough gem. Nothing about the original design has been altered; we simply wanted our friends and...

Scarborough Phys. Ed lookbook

The whole team at Rodney grew up in Scarborough and were all enrolled in the TCDSB (Toronto Catholic District School Board) so naturally we all ended up in Catholic High Schools. Skipping class to bounce from school to school, going to house parties ran by kids from neighbouring schools, or mall ratting at STC and starting beef for no reason. We felt the need to remind ourselves of the stomping ground, and time in our life where we didn't know shit. 

The Scarborough Physical Education collection will debut on May 5th 2018 at 10 am EST and will...

Keyblade Badge

Kingdom Hearts, the elusive series that is taking the patience of its fans and pushing it to the limits. It’s been more than a decade and only now are we seeing the gameplay of KH3, the long awaited 3rd instalment for Hearts fans.

Since the first game, I’ve been in awe. My jaw dropping as my favourite fictional universes collide (Howie Day.) Squaresoft/Square Enix and Disney have meshed so well, with the guidance of a JRPG background - KH was a series that will never leave my heart (heartless.)

The Keyblade is not only a weapon, but...

AW17 Drop 3

We've been hard at work or hardly working, depending on how you see it, to push some new pieces onto Remember that one time we had a pop up in September, well we finally got around to launching some pieces that never saw the interweb. On Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 12pm (toronto time) we will dropping the R Mise stickers, booster packs, and totes, the a5 notebooks and the silk prints by Joel Evangelista @joel.rodney which were inspired by the works of Bryant Pimlatt Read the article →

R Mise Seal Tote

Debuted at our pop up earlier this year, the R Mise 店 Seal tote bag will be restocking on our webstore Friday November 10th 2017 at 10am EST (Toronto time.) For hoops and giggles we made the tote bag reversible, the raw edges on the inside are fuego. Also as an added bonus, every order of the tote will come with a free pin! The restock will have a limited stock, don't miss the drop. 

The R Mise 店 Seal logo was created as an homage to the many fascinating stamps we saw in Japan. There is a huge culture dedicated to...